From inspirational design to craftsmanship. We transform precious gemstones and diamonds into one of a kind creation that are not only beautiful but stand the test of time as works of art.

Our master craftsman with years of experience in fine jewellery-making will meticulously assemble your treasure. From hand drawings to technical 3D imaging and 3D printed moulds for sizing followed by setting of the precious stones by hand – all of the production work is handled end-to-end in our full service atelier.

Here’s how your custom design process works:

A step-by-step creative partnership between you and our expert designers. It’s a team effort, with you giving us feedback and approval at each step, the process ensures the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Step:1 Concept & Design

Your new custom designed jewellery begin with an idea, a concept, a picture or drawing that you like. Then, we move in stages, step-by-step, shaping and refining your original idea into a jewellery creation.

Step:2 Gemstones & Materials Selection

Based on the final design, we select the best gemstones. This will include a specific detail about our gemstone sizes, weight and materials to be used which include a detail costing.

Step:3 Approval and Deposit

Once we have received your approval on the custom design costing and deposit, we will take your final design into production.

Step:4 CAD Model Rendering

Base on the approved design, we create a 3 dimensional CAD model rendering in detail, showing how the final creation will look like before crafting

Step:5 Craft & Setting

At this point, our skilled craftsmen will craft, polish and finish your custom design to our standards.

Step:6 Completion

Finally, Your finished piece is carefully inspected, examined and certified by a licensed gemmologist and ready to hand over.


We look forward to welcoming you to the extraordinary House of Christie & Carine, where our legacy becomes yours.